Uncover Your Ideal Audience: Who Should Your Designs Captivate?

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Before you start and launch an online store, it’s smart to stop and think about who your target market is.

With millions of artists and designers using print-on-demand services, you’ll need a way to stand out and you can do that by picking a niche.

Choose a Niche You Love
Your niche should be a group of customers that you love serving. For example, maybe you’re the proud parent of a pug dog. You’re passionate about the breed and want to share that passion
with others. So, you decide your target demographic is pug owners.

You could easily sell pugt-shirts, pug bumper stickers, pug posters, and more items. By focusing on a
single breed, you’ve made it easier for customers to find your shop. This can result in more sales since customers think of you as the ‘go to’ source for pug merchandise.

Create Content for Your Niche
Once you know the audience you’d like to target, start creating content for pug owners. You could start a blog and call it ‘Pugs are My Passion’. On your blog, you could share funny pictures of pugs, inspiring stories about pugs, and other content that focuses on the breed.

Besides creating content on your blog, you also want to upload content to social media sites. Use hashtags so you can find and interact with other pug owners. You may even want to create
a special hashtag and encourage your customers to share pictures of the pug
products they buy.

Connect with Your Niche
Don’t stop with just creatinga website. Use a mailing list, too! Set up a landing page on your website so visitors cansign up for your mailing list and be notified when new products are released.

After a visitor subscribes, send them a welcome email and encouragethem to join your Facebook community. The FB group has a link to your shop so new subscribers can browse your product line.

When you release a new product, complete an “unbox” reveal using Facebook Live. In your community. Members can watch you live or see the replay when you are done recording. Explain why you created the piece and share a link so your members know where to buy their mug.

Be active on social media and encourage your customers to take selfies with their mugs using her hashtag. This helps boost her visibility so even more people can discover her

The most important part of picking your niche is choosing one you’re enthusiastic about. When you’re genuinely happy to serve your tribe, your customers can sense that and will be
more likely to buy your products.

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