Belize Rolls Out the Red Carpet with Exciting "Work Where You Vacation" program

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Are you ready to set up your new office, where the sounds of waves and tropical birds accompany your productivity? Belize is calling, and it's time to answer!

Here's a simplified list of the rules and requirements for the Belize Digital Nomad Visa, also known as the "Work Where You Vacation" program. These points summarize the key aspects of the Belize Digital Nomad Visa and what you need to know before applying.


  • Must have a valid passport.
  • Work remotely for a company, own a business, or freelance with clients outside of Belize.
  • Prove an annual income of at least $75,000 for individuals, or $100,000 if bringing a famil
  • Have a travel insurance policy with a minimum coverage of $50,00
  • Maintain a clean criminal record.

Application Process:

  • Obtain the required paperwork, such as a passport, evidence of income, a criminal background check, proof of remote work, and a travel insurance policy.
  • Download and fill out the application form from the official website.
  • Submit the application via email to the Belizean Immigration Department or at the nearest Belizean embassy or consulate
  • Await approval, which generally takes a few weeks.
  • Upon approval, travel to Belize and pay the visa fee of $250 at the airport

Duration and Extension:

  • The visa allows a stay of up to six months, with the possibility of extension

Additional Benefits:

  • Work permits waived for participants.
  • Student permits waived for children of participants.
  • Special offers on activities, entertainment, and accommodations through the program's lodging partners.

Tax Implications:

  • Digital nomads working for companies based abroad are not required to pay income tax in Belize. However, a standard Goods and Services Tax (GST) rate of 12.50% is applicable on purchases.

Living in Belize as a Digital Nomad:

  • Belize offers an affordable lifestyle with costs lower than in the US or Europe
  • English is the official language, easing communication and navigation for many digital nomads.
  • Popular spots include Umaya Village and Caye Caulker, known for resort-like amenities and laid-back lifestyle
  • Internet connectivity can be spotty, so checking Wi-Fi speeds before booking accommodations is advisable

Now that you're equipped with all the necessary information about the Belize Digital Nomad Visa, the only question left is: Are you ready to embrace the ultimate workation in Belize? Whether you're dialing into a video call with the Caribbean Sea as your backdrop or brainstorming while swinging in a hammock, Belize offers a unique opportunity to redefine your work-life balance. So, pack your laptop, grab your sunscreen, and prepare to turn those dreamy beachside daydreams into your everyday reality.