Nomadic Numbers: Accountants Tailored for the Traveling Entrepreneur


Embarking on a journey as a digital nomad or a location-independent entrepreneur?

We've done the legwork for you!

After filing taxes year after year with our accountant who we love we decided it's time for a change we needed someone who specializes in Nomadic Living. We know we are not the only ones that could benefit from their services. s

We've compiled a list of accountants who are adept at navigating the unique financial landscapes of those who make the world their office. While we haven't personally used the services of these firms, our research indicates they're well-versed in the art of managing finances for the globetrotting business community.

From experts in cross-border taxation to savvy advisors turning your jet-setting lifestyle into smart business deductions, these are the financial champions for the wanderlust-filled entrepreneur. Today we are sharing this curated list of accounting firms that promise to keep your financials as adventurous and unbounded as your nomadic life.

Nuventure CPA LLC: This firm offers specialized accounting and tax services for digital nomads, full-time RVers, and location-independent businesses. They address the unique challenges posed by federal and state laws for those with a nomadic lifestyle. Their services include tax preparation, virtual CFO services, business structure formation, payroll, and more​​.

Online Taxman: This firm specializes in US taxation with international components, catering to expats, digital nomads, and international entrepreneurs. They provide a range of services including tax obligation understanding, advice on foreign earned income exclusion, tax preparation for virtual businesses, and setup of US-based companies. Their process is entirely online, making it convenient for those constantly traveling​​.

The Nomadic Accountant: This service is focused on providing financial insights and advice for business owners who are also avid travelers. They offer bookkeeping and accounting services, consulting, financial advisory, personal financial coaching, and sales and use tax management. Their approach is to translate complex financial information into understandable advice, helping business owners make informed decisions​​.

Each of these firms understands the unique challenges faced by those living a nomadic lifestyle and offers services tailored to meet these specific needs. Whether you're a digital nomad, full-time RVer, or running a location-independent business, these accountants can provide the financial guidance and support you need.

We sincerely hope that this list aids you in finding a company that will enable you to live a secure financial nomadic lifestyle.

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